Commercial Jingles
Music is the most powerful memory tool known to man. I've loved good commercial jingles my whole life and find it a thrill to capture substance and sticky melody in one juicy :30 second morsel.
Jingle Medley

Captured Luv Thoughts
Lovers thinking out loud. Use it for your first wedded dance or even as a cool anniversary present. ( More info... )

Bride and Groom
Captured Luv Thoughts (Father Daughter)
Same concept as above, but for a father and daughter dance. ( More info... )

Captured Luv Thoughts (Father Daughter)
Chris Christensen
International Recording Artist, Chris Christensen, stopped by to record some songs. Boy, he's good. Enjoy this one, "Lead Me On"..

Lead Me On
Amy Danke - Pianist
Amy is now a recording artist with Spiritwood Music. She is creating beautiful piano pieces with cello and violin. My challenge is to capture these instruments as natural as possible.
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Amazing Grace
Clara Cappagli - Singer Songwriter
This little 16 year old French exchange student put together this cool little song about missing home. She played guitar, sang and played her father's big 'ole German harmonica.

Letters to Paris
Orpheus - Ska Band
Orpheus is a 9-piece SKA band formed in 2009 by a group of band students from West De Pere High School who wanted an opportunity to showcase their talents. They are a talented group beyond their age.

Miss Adventure
Ezra Dorsey - Singer/Songwriter
Ezra wanted to create a song that was neo-soul. He co-wrote the song with his brother. We've got live drums and Saxophone as well as keys. This is a good sample of what live instruments sound like out of OpenwindO.

7 Smiles
Viseth - Singer/Songwriter
Viseth came in to record this original Hmong song that he wrote. He was easy to work with as he guided me as to how the music should sound.

Looking For You
Sabish Jr. High choir
I worked with the Sabish Jr. High choir and a couple, "at risk", kids. I wrote the songs but the kids wrote the speaking parts. Let's keep the arts alive in the schools!.

I Could Be
Kevin Ott - Singer
Kevin's wife bought him a 2 hour session for recording at the studio. Kevin had never sung in a studio; just karaoke. But when he sang a couple of his karaoke songs I couldn�t believe how accurate he was. I immediately got him singing on commercials. Today he�s got his own band

Whiskey Girl
Austin Degroot - Singer/Songwriter
Austin came into my studio while undergoing chemo. Singing was an outlet for him. He was about 9 at the time. To this day he keeps on singing and recording at OpenwindO and getting better musically. I got inspired and added all the island sounds (Ocean, kalimba, djembe,shaker, background vocals) while he was on vacation and suprised him when he came back.


Marcus - Rapper
He came in with his track and,'bam' he spit his vocals. He knew what he wanted. I like it.

It's Not a Game
Hannah - Singer/Songwriter
Hannah is a songwriter as well as a singer but I chose her cover of lady marmalade because I think she really rips it up.

Lady Marmalade
Tim Dorsey - Singer/Songwriter
I wrote this for Hospice memorial services. I like it's simplicity.
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We Light Candles