• "Thank you for creating an audible brand for us in our radio and television advertisements. When people hear the first few words they know it's Lamers Bus Lines' spot. That equals success in our eyes."

    -Eric J. Stadler, Charter Sales consultant, Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.
  • "We have been in business since 1921 but never had a company jingle until OpenwindO recording studio produced ours. Now I hear someone say something great or recognize it every week. Thanks to OpenwindO for giving our company more identity"

    - Mike Christensen, Christensen Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc
  • 98% of customers will buy from who they think of first.
  • Customers will think of you only if they reMEMber you.
  • OpenwindO did a superb job for me creating a jingle that you could not only hear, but visualize in your mind. EXACTLY what I was looking for. They did it efficiently, on-time, on budget and very professionally. I would highly recommend OpenwindO for anyone's jingle.

    Daren Huff, The Hands On Business Chef, Oshkosh, Wi.
  • Music is the most powerful memory tool known to man.
  • Music effects our heart rate, brain waves and emotional state.
  • When music and content are congruent (moving in the same direction), your advertising impact is increased by an amazing 1100%.

Custom Commercial Packages







Package A : Short

You would own a perfect custom short, used by giant advertisers like McDonalds (i.e: I'm Lovin It!).

Package B : Lease

With a cost effective lease, you basically rent the custom music for two years. At the end of two years, you have the option to either buy the piece, or lease for an additional 2 years.

Package C : Buyout

You will own your music piece with unlimited rights.