World class cellist, Matt Turner recorded an album at OpenwindO OpenwindO recording studio is fantastic-especially for string instruments. The cello sound I get in the studio is warm and rich. It's a pleasure to work with Tim as well. He's relaxed, accommodating, and very professional.
< Senatorial candidate Ron Johnson recorded an ad at OpenwindO.
Tim did some music recording and mixing for my son's ska band, ORPHEUS. He was extremely professional and well versed in his craft. His work was completed quickly and within budget. But, most importantly, his finished product sounded great! I would recommend Tim to anyone looking for a high quality professional recording studio. Chad Fullweiller director of business development, Leibold Associates
Tim has a way of making his music come to life, whether an original composition or an interpretation of the music of others. His people skills show great listening abilities, grasp of information he is being given, and a sense of warmth and understanding toward those with whom he works. Tim is in every way a true "winner" in and out of the studio. Terry Winch, Trumpet player, Arranger, Nashville, Wi.
Worked with Tim on some audio production work for a local radio program. Tim displayed a high level of genuineness and professionalism. I was also very impressed with his broad musical talents and down to earth attitude. I would highly recommend Tim in any of his professional endeavors. Tom Fellner, CEO, Imagine That creative, Greater Denver, Co.
I've know Tim for years as a music professional and as a personal friend, and I have known him to have the highest standards of musical quality, professional service and personal integrity. He also has a keen awareness of musical style, melody, and "catchiness" that is obvious in his jingle productions. I always enjoy hearing his jingles on local radio, and am always impressed with their quality and how memorable they are--definitely an asset to any business who would use them. Mike Barden, Musician and owner of Land o Lakes Recording Studio.
When my daughter was looking to promote her business she needed help designing a commercial that would catch people's attention while being informative, creative and memorable. Tim Dorsey was exactly what we needed. Tim helped my daughter create the perfect jingle / commercial that grabbed people and made them take notice of her business. Add to that Tim's own musical and creative talents along with his ability to get the job done in a fun yet very professional manner- the results were amazing! I would highly recommend Tim Dorsey and Dorsey Entertainment for any of your commercial 'jingle' work! He's the BEST! Sue Schramfert, finaniclal strategist, wisconsin financial group, Appelton, Wi.
Tim is a consummate performer. A gifted singer, musician, voice actor, and jingle composer - he does it all, and he does it all well. His work is creative and fun and has the power to keep that jingle stuck in your head for days. Kelly Klemolin, Voice over talent, Oshkosh, Wi.